From 2011-Present most of my work has been in web development. Prior to that, when I was in school I mostly worked on electronics.



ExSciTecH is a set of tools for high school and college students to help them study organic chemistry.

QCN Explorer


The QCN Explorer project is a web based simulator of the volunteer computing project, the Quake Catcher Network.

Bitcoin Checkout


Bitcoin Checkout a product prototype that allows people to buy items from Amazon.com with Bitcoin.

Gravity Sim Tech Demos


A JavaScript based gravity simulator where masses absorb one another on collision - Almost a game.

Retrocalc.net: a retroactive Bitcoin mining calculator


Retrocalc is a Bitcoin mining calculator that calculates approximately how much a given piece of hardware mined over a date range based on historical difficulty data.

Retrocalc is no longer online :(

Doonstack Enterprises Webpage


The Doonstack Enterprises webpage is a generic corporate webpage. It was designed as a professional looking placeholder website.

Nixie Tube Clock

Winter 2010

The Nixie Tube Clock is a clock using nixie tubes as the display. I made this after my "Intro to Circuit Analysis" course in college.

Flipflop Clock

Fall 2010

The flipflop clock is built using J-K flipflops and NAND gates to calculate the time. It was featured on Hackaday!